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Winter has arrived - the earth is blanketed in its quiet restful white sheets with a geometric array of frost and snowflake patterns abound ...
as will many upcoming activities of fantasy, fun, creativity, and fire circles will bring us together for sharing in folklore and stories, art and music, poetry and dance ...

We invite you into our circle to come share fellowship with us, browse through our shop, attend our events, and join us in our workshops ...
Art walks, zombie crawls, Santacon, craft nights, Pirate groups ... we've a cauldron of activities stirring ... [Most Recent Newsletter]

Visit our shoppe "The Leaf and Dragon" at 33 North First Street, Suite 1, in Ashland, Oregon - the heart of Shakespeare in America.

The Tree Leaves' Oracle exists as a brick-and-mortar shoppe called "The Leaf and Dragon" located in Ashland, Oregon; A internet shop and community, and a travelling festival booth/theme camp. We are an international phenomena. Here you can view the hordes of treasure from The Tree Leaves' Oracle with its Pirates, Faeries, and Fantasy gifts and folklore, to The Jelling Dragon's collection of Viking and Medieval Jewelry, Feasting gear, and supplies; Pirate Relief's booty, and tantalizing art from Technogypsie Productions.
    Tree Leaves' Oracle - The Leaf and Dragon
    33 North First street Suite 1
    Ashland, Oregon 97520
    Winter hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, noon until 7 pm (Saturdays until 6 pm) (closed holidays & certain festival dates)
      The Leaf and Dragon


We're here to support all of your fancy dress and Halloween needs. Your source for Tree, Herb, Faerie, Pirate, Zombie, Viking, Medieval, and Folklore
Ways, Wisdom, Beliefs, Traditions, Music, Arts, Crafts, and Fellowship.

Where Fantasy meets Folklore, Nature meets Science,
Faeries meet alternative tribal sub-culture.

View our online community at Livejournal, Myspace, Tree Leaves' Oracle Facebook Business Page,
or Tree Leaves' Folk Fellowship Facebook Group. Visit the Faeid Fellowship Here

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