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Faerie Glen Globe: Fernwhisper’s Realm

Large faerie globe (snow globe) [...]

$30.00 (USD) per piece

main side

Fairy Crosses or Fairy Stones
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Strong in [...]

$10.00 (USD) per piece

Faerie Glen Fairy Figurines: Moonglimmer’s Realm. Faerie Glen Globe: Moonglimmer’s [...]

$30.00 (USD) per piece

Figurine/Ornament of a Leprechaun-like Santa Character with green coat and [...]

$15.00 (USD) per piece

A 13×46 mm Glass vial with stopper attached to a [...]

$20.00 (USD) per piece

Blunt, battle ready Viking sword with trilobe pommel. The [...]

$225.00 (USD) per piece

Bronze cast figurine of Norse God Thor – God of [...]

$45.00 (USD) per piece

Viking Bronze Cast Figurine of God Odin, God of Wisdom [...]

$45.00 (USD) per piece

Small Viking or Medieval re-enactment snips or ancient scissors used [...]

$12.00 (USD) per piece

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