Category: Figurines


Faerie Glen Globe: Fernwhisper’s Realm

Large faerie globe (snow globe) [...]

$30.00 (USD) per piece

Meadow Fairies by Summit: #5370: Medium Boy Fairy Figurine

Small medium [...]

$25.00 (USD) per piece

Inspire Fairy Figurine
by Faerie Glen

The INSPIRE Faerie Glen Classic [...]

$25.00 (USD) per piece

Medium Boy Fairy (Meadow Fairies #5372)
by Summit Collection.

Measures [...]

$25.00 (USD) per piece

Romantic Fairies: Medium Girl Fairy Figurine (RF5239)
from the Summit [...]

$50.00 (USD) per piece

Fairy Amor Figurine
By Summit Collection – Romantic Fairies Line

Summit [...]

$56.00 (USD) per piece

Mini Amy Brown signature series Dark Horse Fairy figurine 7″ [...]

$65.00 (USD) per piece

Sun Diva Fairy Figurine (AB87819)

by Amy Brown

Fairy Diva [...]

$30.00 (USD) per piece

Acorn Pixie Fairy Figurine
By Amy Brown

Amy Brown Signature Series Fairy-Acorn [...]

$40.00 (USD) per piece

Tom Clark Gnome by Cairn Studios – TEDDY (Retired: Collectible)

$95.00 (USD) per piece

TOM CLARK GNOME FREDDY (retired, collectible 2000) A Cairn Studio [...]

$110.00 (USD) per piece

Tom Clark Gnome: Guess Who? (Retired/Collectible 2000)


$145.00 (USD) per piece

Faerie Glen Fairy Figurines: Moonglimmer’s Realm. Faerie Glen Globe: Moonglimmer’s [...]

$30.00 (USD) per piece

Figurine/Ornament of a Leprechaun-like Santa Character with green coat and [...]

$15.00 (USD) per piece

Heavy cast solid bronze figurine statue of the Norse God [...]

$45.00 (USD) per piece

Bronze cast figurine of Norse God Thor – God of [...]

$45.00 (USD) per piece

Viking Bronze Cast Figurine of God Odin, God of Wisdom [...]

$45.00 (USD) per piece

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