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The Faeid Fellowship is an entity created by Leaf McGowan in 2000 to bring together Faerie enthusiasts, Faeids, and Faeries who want to network together about faerie lore, faerie culture, and the Faerie realms / kingdoms. As a group, The Faeid Fellowship has a prime objective to not only bring together Faeids and to enhance the understanding of “all things fae”, but to share culture, stories, believes, and to preserve faery lore and traditions. Our objective is to bridge the gap between the Human Realms and that of the Realms of Fae. “Faeidism” as a way of life. It can fall under the guise of religion if one wants it too, but it exists primarily as a “lifestyle”. Faeidism has nothing to do with Victor Andersen’s Wiccan tradition of Faery Faith, nor with the Radical Faerie movement; though members, elders, contributors, and participants may or may not be associated with this separate organizations.

You can become a supporting member here: http://www.treeleavesoracle.org/faeids/?p=3149.


  • 1986: Communication with the Fae developed the need for the several individuals in Tallahassee, Florida to collaborate and create a magical group to work with the Faery folk. Thinly connected with the FreeSpirit group at the Center for Participant Education of the FSU campus, magical workings began with the founders to develop a Faery path and system.
  • 1986: Anthropology student Tom Baurley while working within the group, gave label to the inner traditions as being those of the “Faeid. Thinly labelled as Faeidism or Faeidry.
  • 1987 – 1989: The magical group continued doing magical workings with the Fae and developing an understanding of the bridges between humankind and faerykind.
  • 1991: An inner circle / magical working group weaving Faery magic, came together to create The Tree Leaves’ Oracle, and remained a closed group of friends. They called themselves “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle”.
  • 1993-1994: Eugene, Oregon. The closed group was called “The Faeids”. Foundations of the Faeid Faith were begun, and several individuals came together once-in-a-blue-moon to work with the Fae. After some financial turmoil, the organizer moved away. The Faeids went defunct.
  • 1995-1997: Some Inner groups of founders/members of The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship started to utilize some faery practices in their Wiccan, Druid, Church of All World’s, and Neo-Pagan practices in Tallahassee, Florida. Tom Baurley started to compile his Faery research.
  • – Leaf McGowan decided that the Faeid Fellowship should be created. Busy with Tree Leaves, Druidism, and other Neo-Pagan organizing, Faeidism went solitary practice by him and others involved in the past. Communication with other Faeids began.
  • – During a walkabout, the merging of literary works of researchers on “Faeidism” came together while living in Canada. A decision was made to bring the Faeid Fellowship to light after a Festive gathering at Wild Magic, at Elflore, Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary in Indiana, the Fae requested the bridges needed building. Leaf McGowan establishes the Faeid Fellowship.
  • 2001: The Web site www.faeid.com went live. (domain was lost during a financial struggle years later and bought out by someone else – it was re-kindled under various websites until 2013 when it came live as Faeids.com)
  • January 2002: A call for membership was submitted on the World Wide Web to bring together Faeids, Faery, and Humans interested in bridging the gap between humanity and the Fae, as well as those seeking the Faeid path. Elders for the group were sought out. First exposure to the Otherkin communities took place.
  • June-September 2002: Leaf McGowan takes the Faeid Fellowship on Pagan Tour to Pagan Spirit Gathering (Ohio), National Rainbow Gathering (Michigan), Ragnarok Festival (Ohio), Sirius Rising (NY), Starwood (NY), Dragon Dance (MO), Los Angeles (CA).
  • November/December 2002: Faeid Fellowship relocates with the Tree Leaves’ Oracle/Fellowship to Seattle, Washington. First Faeid Meet n’ Greet at Edge of Circle Books in Seattle. Presence at Yule Feast 2002 (Olympia, WA), and Concentric Circles (Redmond, WA). Research Journal activated.
  • 2003-2004: Faeid Fellowship operates in Pacific Northwest in Vancouver B.C, Point Roberts , Washington; Seattle, Washington; and Eugene, Oregon. Travels to Burning Man, Starwood, Faerie Human Relations Congress, and Faerieworlds take place. Organization has monthly meetings. Most of the activity is on Yahoo Groups and Livejournal.
  • 2005: Faeid Fellowship relocates with the Tree Leaves’ Oracle/Fellowship to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Colorado. Remained an online group on Livejournal and Yahoo groups. Due to financial difficulties, www.faeid.com gets shut down. Attendance at Faerieworlds and Burning Man.
  • 2006-2010: Faeid Fellowship remains in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Remained an online group on Livejournal and Yahoo groups. Attendance at the Trolls et Legendes in Belgium, Three Wishes Faerie Fest in Cornwall England (2010), and several Faerieworlds festivals. Several Faeid rituals organized, several workshops and events held. Operation of a Faerie shop in Manitou Springs, Colorado for 1 year until closed after lack of business and traffic flow.
  • 2011: Faeid Fellowship was re-kindles and working on a magazine and book was started. Communications with the Silver Elves began.
  • 2012: Research projects involving travels from the Americas to Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Ireland was conducted to gather folklore, myths, photos, and literature for the book and magazines.
  • 2013, January-February: Faeid Fellowship officially chartered under the Tree Leaves Oracle, LLC. Domain name www.faeids.com obtained and blog created.
  • 2014: The Faeid Fellowship, under the wings of the Tree Leaves Oracle relocated to Ashland, Oregon and is housed within The Leaf and Dragon downtown.
  • 2015: New explorations and adventures await the fellowship as we plan to attend various faerie festivals this summer and winter, host classes, workshops, and events to get members networked as well as works on our annual journal. The portals are opening!


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