Visit us at Faeriecon West – February 21-23, 2014 in Seattle!

Our festival season is upon us and the first festival of the season will be Faeriecon West in Seattle, Washington during the weekend of February 21st – 23rd, 2014.

Come visit our booth in space number 16 displaying a good bulk of our wares and collections found in our Store. See you there!


Upgrades and Technical Issues

If you’ve tried to make some orders or view product pages recently, we’ve been having some issues that we are working on fixing. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this causes. Much of this is on the WordPress / TheCartPress end with their recent upgrade and the bug is still being worked on. If you need to reach us, please do so via email at, phone: 1-800-605-9705, or mail at Tree Leaves Oracle, LLC – PO BOX 28 * Eddyville, Oregon 97343 *

If you are having too much difficultly using this shopping cart, you can also order any and all these items on our Shopping Cart – mimicked here:

New Mailing Address:

We’ve moved and relocated to Oregon – meaning NO SALES TAX!

Our New headquarters is in Blodgett, Oregon.

Our New Mailing address is:

The Tree Leaves Oracle

Post Office Box 28

Eddyville, Oregon 97343-9713

Our phone number is the same:

Our email address is the same: or

Vending/tour schedule 2013

The Tree Leaves’ Oracle will be at the following this summer:

Bodypainting, Tarot Reading, Oracles, Omens, Divination, Photo shoots are available at the above festivals and by a reservation basis. In addition these services are tentatively available by reservation in the following areas: (rough estimate – all subject to change)

  • Elf Fest (Lothlorien/Needmore, Indiana: May 22-27, 2013)
  • Columbia, South Carolina: May 28th-June 22, 2013.
  • North Carolina: June 23, 2013.
  • Virginia: June 24-25, 2013.
  • New York: June 26-27, 2013.
  • New York Faerie Festival: June 27 – July 1, 2013.
  • July 1-3: Massachussetts.
  • July 4-5: New Hampshire/Maine.
  • July 6: Upstate New York.
  • July 7-8, 2013: Ohio.
  • July 9-15th: Starwood @ Wisteria, Ohio.
  • July 16: Indiana.
  • July 17: Illinois.
  • July 18: Iowa.
  • July 19: Minnesota.
  • July 20: South Dakota.
  • July 21: Wyoming.
  • July 22-23: Yellowstone National Park.
  • July 24: Idaho.
  • July 25: Eugene, Oregon.
  • July 26-28, 2013: Faerieworlds, Eugene, Oregon.
  • July 29-30, 2013: Corvallis, Oregon.
  • July 31, 2013: Newport, Oregon.
  • August 1, 2013: Cannon Beach, Oregon.
  • August 2, 2013: Portland, Oregon.
  • August 3-4, 2013: Ocean Shores, WA.
  • August 5-7, 2013: Seattle, Washington.
  • August 8-12, 2013: Point Roberts, Washington – Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • August 13-14, 2013: Seattle, Washington.
  • August 15-16, 2013: Portland-Corvallis-Eugene, Oregon.
  • August 17-18, 2013: Ashland, Oregon – Redwoods / Shasta, California.
  • August 19-21, 2013: Northern California down to San Francisco.
  • August 22-24, 2013: San Francisco, CA.
  • August 25-28, 2013: Los Angeles, California.
  • August 29-Sept 2, 2013: Arizona.
  • Sept 3-7th: New Mexico.
  • Sept 8th-12th: Colorado.
  • Sept 13th-14th, 2013: Texas.
  • Sept 15th-17th: Louisiana/Mississippi.
  • Sept 18th-19th: North Florida.
  • Sept 20th-30th: Columbia, South Carolina.

Decals & Bumper stickers

We’re back and our currently available art, mini, and bumper stickers & decals are all uploaded. These fun phrases, sayings, logos, and slogans are great to add to your car, notebook, laptop, binders, file cabinets, fridge, or wherever else you think they’d look good.

The Tree Leaves’ Oracle e-shop is back online!

As of August 1st, 2012 – We are live and in full operation with our online store again. We are still travelling and gathering found treasures, art, collectibles, and gifts for your enjoyment. Later this month, we’ll be sailing from Ireland to Scotland, flying from Scotland to Iceland, then on to Colorado where we’ll be getting all of our merchandise again and slowing adding it back online for your access. It has been a long journey over the last year and a half, as we moved operations from America, to Australia, to Cornwall, and Ireland – being separated from our warehouse so had to de-activate the shop. But no longer! We have some of our portable inventory already ready to ship to you, and in September will be adding thousands of more items. Enjoy!

For over 20 years, we’ve enjoyed your fellowship, friendship, kinship, comraderie, travels, and events … and we look forward to many more years! We’ll be getting things rolling again as we head from our Dublin office to our port in Charleston, South Carolina. Let the adventure begin! From Colorado we’ll be joining the Gypsy Project of Pirate Relief making way across the wild west of the Americas, gathering treasures and gifts along the way, from Colorado, through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Expect much to happen in the next couple of months! You can keep up with the adventures of the travels at Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf, Tree Leaves’ tales, and on the Pirate’s Plank.

As of today, we’ve got all of our “accessible” bumper stickers and decals uploaded and ready to ship. We’ve many more stickers to add in upcoming months, as well as art, gifts, crafts, clothing, and found treasures. Each day we’ll be adding more and more … so check back daily!