4th Annual Colorado Springs Zombie Walk & Dance Party

was held on
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2010: from 7 pm – Makeup, 8 pm – Crawl

Zombies of all ages came dressed as zombies or the undead, splattered in blood, or were splattered at 7 pm in the back room of the Underground (corner of Kiowa and Nevada), and dragged their feet moaning with hunger for fresh brains, up and down Tejon Street. Meeting was at 7 pm for costume assistance (or to help make people up), participants bringing fake blood if they could, guts, cauliflower to dye as brains, and other costume props. Most were there prompt at 8 pm for the Crawl down Tejon Street. Dance Party afterwards at the Underground * corner of Kiowa & NEvada, Colorado Springs, CO from about 9 pm until 2 am with DJ Raid spinning darksome and zombie tunes rocking the house down. All Ages until 9 pm, 18+ after 9.

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