10.23.09: uWorld News Press – 3rd Zombie Outbreak in Colorado Springs

Third Zombie Outbreak in Colorado Springs
uWorld News Press: October 24, 2009: 0300 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

photograph by Steve Carlin

This has been the 3rd reported outbreak of zombie virus (feH1N1z) in Colorado Springs. This small city thought they were done with it. But each year, it seems to re-surface. First in 2007 with roughly 65 contaminated, the disease reared its ugly head again in 2008 with 150+ infected, this outbreak this year is purported to have over 209+ ill with the virus (estimated from the uCDC’s head count of unique faces in photographic evidence of the outbreak). It is feared that it could spread in mass quantity to Denver later this afternoon if not properly quarantined.

photograph by Steve Carlin

Apparently, a lab technician involved in the spread of the virus in Manitou Springs two weeks prior, who was believed to be in remission and over cantagion re-infected and began on a rampage through the day at his lab eating the brains of his co-workers and neighbours. He setup a fake vaccination clinic at the Underground at 110 N. Nevada in downtown Colorado Springs with the false advertisement of having a cure and preventative for the disease. He even had a doctor endorse it. However, it was a staged trap. Everyone who entered the Underground became infected enmass, and within hours burst through the door of the Underground onto the streets of quiet Colorado Springs. Families, women, children, men, and city workers were infected. Tamed and gentle ‘zombies’ still infected from the previous year passed out fliers for solidarity and unity amongst zombies. A bloodbath still occured in the depths of the Underground nonetheless. The crowd of flesh craving zombies crawled down Nevada, Bijou, and all along Tejon streets of the downtown area. Passerbys and citizens didn’t know what to think – from terror and screams to smiles and kodak moments. More of Colorado Springs became infected. The uCDC quarantined as many as they could back into the Underground for containment and treatment with cocktail specials laced with antidotes. The zombie mashing tunes of DJ Gypsy kept the zombies contained on the dancefloor while the bar entertained the rest. It was quite an affair until 2 am when the antidotes finally set in. However, it is believed several zombies escaped containment and treatment currently enroute for Denver.

photograph by Jeff Kallaus

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