We’re being slandered and attacked by Maison Terre

Please be advised that a “competitor” of ours named “Maison Terre” on Amazon has on numerous occasions threatened us, attempted to intimidate us, and has posted false reviews about us because they do not want us to sell items they sell. All history and future matters about this company attacking us will be archived here: http://www.treeleavesoracle.org/tales/?p=693

They have done it to other companies as well. As you know, we don’t believe in the term “competitor”, especially in terms of “eco-products” because after all, shouldn’t we all be working together to bring healthy natural products and herbs to the mainstream? Unfortunately some companies, like the one attacking us, thinks about only one thing … “money”. They don’t want competition and they want the world to think they are the only supplier of natural herbs, particularly on Amazon. Anyone else selling herbs or listing as well, are fradulent. They want a monopoly. Even the pharmaceutical companies know they can’t do that, they add ingredients to make a mix to call it their own brand … Bayer doesn’t monopolize “Willow bark”. They isolate chemistry from the bark and add ingredients to patent their own drug and mix called “Aspirin”.

So this particular seller, goes onto Amazon to sell “Black Cohosh Root, 1 oz” baggie. Just like we do. They may have been the first person to create the listing, and so wrongfully writes in the company field “by Maison Terre”. This is inaccurate because it is not created by them, not grown by them, nor harvested by them. They purchase the herbs from a farm, a wholesale herb co-op, or other distributor, stuff the herbs into plastic baggies, and slap on their label.

Amazon doesn’t want to pollute the listings to allow dozens if not hundreds of sellers to list “Black Cohosh Root, 1 oz” individually, for buyers would have to scroll around forever. The “by” field is being inappropriately used in this case. There is a reason Amazon offers “Sell yours here” button on these listings, because numerous individuals and sellers can sell it, offering competitive pricing, and allowing customers to select who they want to buy from, avoiding monopolies. Our attacker doesn’t understand this.

If however they owned a farm (not operated from a small house in Arkansas), actually grew it, had a license to do so, and could validate they indeed grew the natural herb, or uniquely processed it that no one else could, “perhaps” they would have a leg to stand on.

So tired of immature activities such as this kind of badgering. This is a public information notice so if you see their attacks, negative reviews, or posts regarding this matter, you know the history.

We are not the only company they are (she is) doing this to.

Falsified Review placed on our Facebook Page (1) by the company owner giving us a 1 star, and (2) her friend (or falsified facebook page friend “Becky Roberts” who never has ordered from us.

Sarah Brown falsified Review as Becky Roberts Arkansas on our facebook page

This competitor who is harassing us is a single woman operated business in Arkansas. Her face book page is https://www.facebook.com/sbrownstx?fref=nf.

Some pages where Maison Terra has posted notations claiming anyone else selling the herbs are fradulent:

Amazon.com _ Black Cohosh Root, Organic, 1 oz

Amazon.com _ Milk Thistle Seed Organic, 2 Oz

Amazon.com _ Red Rose Petals Organic, 1 Oz


Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown – Why is it that some people get this and others.

her illegal additional pages:

Becky Roberts

Sarah Brown – her older version

Other notes captured from her photo archives:

13895473_10210077422352696_5610370586000561422_n (1)



Correspondence through amazon:

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 1

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 2

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 3

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 4

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 5

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 6

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 7

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 8

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 9

amazon case 080816

amazon case 081016

maison terre – to tree leaves – amazon letter 10

In researching this individual, apparently she is also selling Native American artifacts online, breaking her own state laws (http://articles.latimes.com/1991-11-24/news/mn-147_1_arkansas-law) …. so how is that for credibility on the ethics of this individual attacking us? (2) Sarah Brown – I think it grand that Standing Bear has bought my.


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