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Your source for Tree, Herb, Faerie, and Folk Lore,
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Where Fantasy meets Folklore,
Nature meets Science,
Faeries meet alternative tribal sub-culture.

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Formerly housed in the former building of a Manitou Springs funeral home, The Tree Leaves’ Oracle and Folk Fellowship has gone nomadic and global, existing as an online social network, an online shop, magazine, and network of family, friends, and members of a 20 year old group known as the Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship. Also home of the Faeid Fellowship as a networking resource for preserving tree / herb / folk / faerie / and alternative cultures, ways, beliefs, traditions, lore, knowledge, wisdom, arts, crafts, music, lifestyles, and groups together through the action of preservation by dissemination.

1991-2010 EVENTS:


2007 Manitou Springs Zombie Crawl Photos

Witches Ball 2004 photos


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