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Welcome to our online Compendium of Plants, Herbs, and Trees: Focusing on the botanical lore, mythology, and information about the green species on this planet

This has been a project in the working of over 20 years in different evolutions from paper to cyber formatting dealing with crashed servers, websites, and directories. Starting in 2012, we’ve decided to go by means of the WordPress blogging technology to present to you our explorations, discoveries, and research.

This is a research and photography project compiled together by the creative talents of the adventurers and explorers who are Technogypsie Productions,the Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, the Tree Leaves’ Oracle, and the adventuring seamen (and women) at Pirate Relief. If you like what you see and want more, we strongly recommend that you donate to our project, visit our advertisers, or support our group by using their services, products, or literature.

Within these pages you’ll be introduced to various trees, plants, and folklore by our resident researchers and photographers Leaf McGowan, Eadaoin Bineid, Thomas Baurley, and Jenni Chaney.





Invasive Species of the Week

PDF by Invasive Species Specialist Group