Bags and Pouches

Wander through our collection of bags, pouches, purses, and satchels. Wonderful creations to carry your things, coins, money, cards, and magical items. If you are interested in other costume collections, visit our main costume closet.


A fancy novelty wallet with chain depicting “Zombie Killer” on [...]

$10.00 (USD) per piece

Skull and Crossbones Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag
Grocery Bag or Tote, [...]

$5.00 (USD) per piece

Large Black Suede Pouch with leather drawstring and Wood bead. [...]

$21.00 (USD) per piece

Regular Leather Wallet with etched/carved image of green leaf with [...]

$50.00 (USD) per piece

Medium Side Leather Bag with Belt loop, flap with decorative [...]

$40.00 (USD) per piece

Black Velvet Double Pentagram Tarot Bag

These beautiful embroidered velvet [...]

$12.00 (USD) per piece